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I have been studying and teaching yoga for the past fifteen years. My early training was in Ashtanga yoga, but I have been primarily influenced by the unique blend of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda—ISHTA Yoga—that is the creation of Yogiraj Alan Finger, with whom I study and work closely. Alan has recently conferred on me the title of Yogiraj. This means that I have attained the highest standard of yoga knowledge and teaching in the ISHTA yoga lineage. I am only the second person to have been granted this title in the west. It is a very great honour.

I teach for a wide range of needs and abilities. My private clients have included bankers, actors, athletes, pre- and post- natal women, mummies and babies, and the chronically ill. I have taught group classes from Beginner to Advanced.

From 2001-2005 I taught private individuals and group classes at Yoga Works in New York City. As one of Yoga Works’ senior teachers, I was a faculty member in their highly respected teacher-training program. I have led numerous yoga workshops and retreats in the USA, Canada, and internationally, and assisted Alan Finger at many major yoga conferences, including Yoga Journal, Omega, and Kripalu. In the spring of 2006 I moved to Notting Hill, London, where I now teach group and private classes. I am a board member and one of the Yoga Campus Teacher Training Programme faculty, and the head of ISHTA Teacher Trainings in Europe and Canada.

My hope and aim in teaching yoga is to transform my students, inside and out. Correct alignment through asana (yoga postures) is the key to creating harmony and balance in the body; pranayama (breathing) and meditation are the keys to inner peace and tranquility of the mind and spirit. Together we will explore the inner and outer worlds of the self in our search for the truth.

I have written articles for Yoga Magazine UK and have had a weekly column in Metro newspapers worldwide. I have also been featured in Telegraph, The New York Times, Elle, Guardian, Tatler, BBC, Grove, Yoga Journal, Time Out London, and Vogue.

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