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Katrina Repka


Questions for a Yogi

Sarah Platt-Finger, the ISHTA Yoga New York Managing Director and Director of Teacher Training, is married to Param Yogiraj Alan Finger, the co-founder of ISHTA Yoga. They have a daughter, Satya.

How has yoga changed you?

Yoga has brought me closer to my truest self. It has allowed me to navigate through life from a heart-space rather than a head-space and quieted the voice of my “inner critic.”

How do you hope it will change you in the future?

I actually don’t hope for any change. I want to continue to be present and true to myself.

Has doing yoga given you any important insights about yourself? Please share them.

A little over a year ago, and just three months after giving birth to my daugher, my business partner resigned from ISHTA Yoga, LLC and I inherited the directorship of the business.  This was the most challenging and daunting experience I have ever had.  Because of my yoga practice, specifically meditation, I had faith in myself to get through it and in the universe to support me.  Through my practice I have realized that the human spirit is capable of many great things, and it is only in the mind or the ego that we are limited.

If you had started yoga at seventeen, would it have changed your life? Please tell us how.

I probably wouldn’t have smoked or drunk!

If you could be a yoga pose, which one would you be? Why?

Maybe handstand, because I like to think outside of the box.

What is your favourite thing to do after a satisfying session of yoga?

Eat a nourishing meal!

Do you have a favourite yoga quote or saying you would share with us?

Yogananda said: “When you elevate your own consciousness, you automatically elevate the consciousness of the entire planet.”